Public Liability Insurance

As a responsible company Fete and Fiesta Ltd has Public Liability Insurance up to £5million to cover our equipment and staff. This satisfies Government requirements for school property. If you wish to have a copy of our insurance please ask our representative at time of booking.

The insurance covers the castle(s) and our workmanship when erecting the unit. Our operators will issue you with a set of Health and Safety instructions and point out any possible danger areas such as washing lines etc. Once we have left the site the responsibility for the supervision of the castle and the safety of the users rests with the hirer.

If you wish we can provide supervision at a cost of £15 per hour.

Our insurance is through Leisure Insure and a link is provided at our links page should you wish to take out short term PL insurance for an event. In most cases domestic hire is covered by your own house insurance. Please contact your insurers if you are unsure.

We want our customers to enjoy the castle and for the users to be safe so a copy of our instructions are provided below and are relevant for any castles that you may hire from any company.

We have noticed that children are being allowed to climb side walls and sit on the top of the wall. This not only damages the castle but is very dangerous and should never be allowed.



The hire of inflatable equipment is entirely at the discretion of Fete and Fiesta with regard to site suitability and weather conditions

and the company reserves the right to cancel a booking. The safe operation is the responsibility of the hirer and Fete and Fiesta shall not be held responsible for any accidents/injuries howsoever caused.

The hirer must monitor the activity on the equipment continuously, taking appropriate action to ensure the well being and safety of all users, especially the smaller, more vulnerable participants.

The use of the equipment should be limited to those persons who, when standing on the bouncing surface are no taller than the castle walls.

A responsible adult must stand at the front of the castle and supervise play on the castle at all times. The operating area at the front of the castle must be kept clear of onlookers and debris to ensure the supervisor has a clear field of vision and that users can mount

and alight safely. If spectators are likely to become a problem in this respect it may be necessary to erect some form of crowd control barrier. The barrier should be at least 1m/40 high and be capable of withstanding people leaning or being pushed against it and erected at least 1.8 m from a walled side and 3.5 m from an open side.

When used outdoors the inflatable must be anchored down using all of the points provided. The anchor stake must be inserted through the hole in the anchor point and driven in flush with the ground.

The inflatable must not be set up in a wind higher than Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale.

Users MUST remove their footwear (except socks) and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects from their person such as badges, purses, buckles etc. Spectacles are best removed.

Do not allow rough horseplay or somersaults.

Larger more boisterous users should be separated from smaller more timid ones. The number of users at any one time must be limited to allow each child room enough to play safely. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the equipment is not overloaded to the detriment of the users.

No food, drink, cigarettes, party poppers to be taken onto the castle. No silly string to be sprayed inside the castle. The hirer takes responsibility to ensure there is no rubbish left in the castle at the end of the hire period.

Do not allow users to climb or hang on the inflatable side and rear walls. These are not manufactured to withstand this type of pressure. It is also very dangerous as the user could fall onto the blower/and or the ground. If the walls are torn due to extreme pressure being exerted on the joint seams, Fete & Fiesta reserve the right to charge the hirer any reasonable repair costs.

Fete and Fiesta‚s Public Liability Insurance covers their legal liability arising out of the workmanship of its staff and the safe condition of the equipment. Unless Fete and Fiesta is commissioned to supervise the equipment, the company cannot be held liable or responsible for any incidents that may occur during the hire period. The hirer assumes sole risk and should ensure that a responsible person capable of exercising control over the users supervises the equipment. An accident book is available and any injury to a participant should be notified to the supervisor, recorded therein and signed by the injured person or their representative.

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